Germany calls out the year of sustainability for science! (applause!?)
While the DFG (German Research Foundation) is sending out sustainable wishes for 2012, one may ask for the sustainability of science 2.0. Will the changes in scientific communication brought about by interactive web technologies sustainably alter what we understand and practise as “science”? How can the quality of scientific discourses be maintained if access to them is less restricted thanks to new technologies? How can quality be enhanced? And participation? Is open-access publishing more sustainable than the traditional subscription-bases system? For whom? What is more endurable, a twitter feed or a publication in Nature? What is attracting more attention? Do social networks create sustainable alternatives to or subgroups within scientific communities? How do I use the social Internet for my research and scientific career in a sustainable way? What tools does web 2.0 offer to make publicly funded research a sustainable investment for postindustrial societies? What can we do to counter a rather arbitrary catch-it-all mentality and make sustainability meaningful, in science and beyond?

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