From today until Friday the ZIF in Bielefeld hosts an interdisciplinary conference on “webepistemics” exploring how the WWW influences the generation, exchange and exploitation of information and knowledge.

There are rumours that the talks will be put on the web. Until that happens, why not spy on our notepad…

Daniela Pscheida: How the Web transforms our Comprehension of Knowledge and the way of Academic Research

Assumes fundamental Shifts in Society (“Knowledge Society” by Stehr etc.) and Science: more sensitive towards public (“Mode 2” by Gibbons et. al.), more based on ICTs (“Cyberscience” by Nentwich etc.) and methodologically more driven by data (“4th Paradigm” by Hey et al). Important research questions concern: semantic web, citizen sciences & virtual reserach environments.

Mark Klein: The MIT Deliberatorium

Deliberation defined as collective problem solving. Highlights problems of different crowdsourcing fora (=failures of collective intelligence) on the web – scattered content, spotty coverage and a “low signal-to-noise ration” amongst others. Developed a software tool – argument mapping – that organises discussions into: topics, questions and arguments pro/con thus creating a ” well structured argumentation tree”.

… to be continued …