A road to...?

We are starting the new semester with our second COURSE at Bielefeld University and exploring what science and art can learn from each other at an ART FESTIVAL in June. We also want to focus this BLOG more generally on science studies, write/twitter/tag more and make it a more LIVELY PLACE of exchange and discussion.
So many plans! Read more and get involved!Last year in October we decided to create a space for stuff we’re interested in. At first we wanted to get our hands on the web 2.0-thing and asked ourselves: What are scientists doing on the web? We built a group, managed to conduct a course at the University of Bielefeld, where we found a whole clutch of issues and scientists working on these topics. Besides of much reading and discussion we wanted to have something tangible. So we made a Video on Science 2.0 and had the opportunity to present our findings on the WebEpistemics conference at the ZiF. But that was last semester. These days our ideas are getting bigger.

First, another course is taking place. This time we want to map the controversies on authorship, peer review, open access, science and the public, and copyright with a tool called Risikokartierung (risk cartography) which was kindly provided to us by Dr. Stefan Böschen and the Group of Münchner Projekt Gruppe für Sozialforschung e.V. with special thanks to Annette Franck who familiarized us with the technical side.
Second, we decided to go beyond the university context out into the ‘real’ world, and explore the relation between art and science. With our project “Seducing Truth” we will be a part of both the Long Night of Science in Magdeburg and the art festival Romance 2.0 organised by the KulturAnker e.V. in June.
Third, we want to broaden the topic of this blog to science studies in general. To do so, we are looking for guest author from all disciplines who have something to say about science studies and would like to take part in our project. With these activities we are trying to become an online portal for science studies which can be used by professionals and laypersons to get in touch with the fascinating area of history, philosophy and sociology of science. Moreover, we have many different ideas like helping the ZiF to make their visibility on the web even better, apply for a research grant on Science 2.0 and as a long-term objective we want to build a strategical research association on Science and the Web.

For all these activities we need your help! If you like our ideas or dislike them, if you have any comments, hints or ideas of what we can do for you and science, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would like to hear as many voices as possible to bring science, science studies and the ideas behind them to a wider audience.