Our art project is up and running! For the last two months we’ve been planning, painting and crafting many big and small part of our exhibition “Seducing Truth”. Finally, last Wednesday night, we went to beautiful Magdeburg to set it up – in six rooms of a former hospital which has been transformed into a space for art and culture for one month.

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Many storming brains, dirty fingers and blisters it took…

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But the outcome is truely seducing…

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Who did that?

from New York contributing her “real” artist’s talents with works on Erkennen and Erkenntnis – read more

from close, but not really close, to Bielefeld lending us her sharp view of a sociologist to discover the conventional nature of truth and the invisible collegues behing scientific heroes

from HÖrste who lets the plants from his PhD on bio-physics dance for us pointing to the intricacies of representations and computer modelling


from Strassberg asking questions with collages of images from art and science


from Bielefeld creating the most exostic niche for explorers preparing for every adventure in science and romance


from Bielefeld who turned the reflection room into a real reflection room with the truth to take home

from Oldenburg who build the most ingenious tree of Erkenntnis ever built and made the torso come alive


from Bielefeld who visually and audibly immerses us into his seducing and sustaining red light truth

from Bielefeld whose giant torso on the history of the ideas of the human body is finally standing tall

from Minden who put the Erkenntnis, the Enlightenment and the Romance into the tree

… and Simon and Leti and Ingrid and Jörg and Brigitte and Albert and Margo and many more sweet people who helped us to make the magic real.

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And we’re even on TV!

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Kultur Anker e.V. has also done a fine job – the festival rocks!

You’ll find us always on the first floor – in Building A and in Building C – just become the Wanderer in the Sea of Science!

>> http://issuu.com/dates_magdeburg/docs/md_0612

Come and see us! Our works are there every day from 5pm to 11pm – we’ll be back 22nd/23rd/24th of June.

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And a big Thanks! to our sponsors again!

As well as to the Toom Baumarkt in Bielefeld Sennestadt and the Praktiker Baumarkt in Bielefeld, Detmolder Straße for their generous in kind donations!
And to Mathis’ uncle for the Bully to get all the stuff over there!