I’m interested in design and knowledge. And yes, I am a Wikipedia user even for scientific research and even if this technique is not established in the German research environment. And that’s why I’m writing this article. Look what i found today: Wikipedia Redefined is a project by New! and they show us  in a very impressive way how the Wikipedia could look like if it were improved by designers. They show us what you can do, if you use only simple design-elements, colors, fonts and  how you can improve the user experience by using simple and powerful tools that are almost already included in Wikipedia.

We all could be a part of it by discussing the ideas with they guys from New! For all of you out there just one question: Didn’t you think of new designed Wikipedia at least one time while using Wikipedia? I did! So here could be the solution…

Short Update: 

By the Way: Google is working on a transition from a search engine to a knowledge engine mostly by visualizing connections between search results, gathering not only Wikipedias entries to do so. FYI