The researcher's night - booths of the research teams

This night the place before the Tower of Montparnasse belonged to  researchers who showed some of their work. Biologists and medical researchers explained their progress in producing artificial blood. Starting with stem cells, they are able to create red blood cells which one day could be a valuable contribution to safe blood transfusion.  Today, the transfusion liquid containing artificial blood cells costs roughly one million Euro per milliliter. More advanced production technology could lower the price in the future. Linguists presented their efforts to understand end preserve rare and endangered languages, many of them spoken but not written. To this end the researchers are maintaining a large audio collection of everyday dialogues, local stories and myths. The recordings are made accessible online. Transcriptions of the recordings serve the linguists as a starting point to determine a vocabulary and a grammar for the languages. Often, in communities where a rare language is spoken, children feel more at ease to pick up  the language when the language is also written and not just spoken. Audio collection : Spoken examples of rare languages from around the world