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Today’s Links from Harvard-ENS Spring School August 9, 2013

Harvard-ENS Spring School

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Today’s Links from Harvard-ENS Spring School April 26, 2013

Harvard-ENS Spring School

  • Anyone of you in Berlin this week?

    Technische Universität – Berlin, 25th April 2013 Guest lecture: Prof. Claude Debru “Science and Philosophy: possible interactions” Prof. em. Claude Debru (Ecole normale supérieure, Paris) The lecture will be held in German Thuesday, 25th April 2013, 18.00 p.m Main building … Continue reading

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GuestPost: Measurement – Representation or Technology? by Alfred Nordmann

Alfred Nordmann, Professor of Philosophy atAlfred Nordmann Darmstadt Technical University and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of South Carolina, is a prominent figure in the Philosophy and History of Science and Technoscience. Among his research interests are History of Epistemology, Heinrich Hertz, Ludwig Wittgenstein as well as philosophical dimensions of nanotechnoscience, synthetic biology and climate engineering. In his opening talk at the Dimensions of Measurement Conference, he proposes to shift the philosophical and historical attention to measurement from questions concerning representation, thus culminating in debates on scientific realism, towards examining measurement as a “technology that creates and stabilizes coincidences”. Read on…

ScienceOnline 2013 #scio13 – Chronicles

ScienceOnlineLogo_smallAfter a 16 hour journey from Cologne to Munich to Charlotte Claudia and I finally arrived in Raleigh, NC. Our hosts are wonderful and we are excited about all the new people we will meet at ScienceOnline 2013. This post will be a kind of a timeline of our impressions and experiences at ScienceOnline and we hope at least some of you will enjoy it.
Cheers Hergen Read on…

WhatAboutScience wins young talent award

Last Thursday, the University and Technical University of Bielefeld were hosting the job fair <perspektive> as a market place for regional employers to hunt for young talents. A small corner was dedicated to the [science fair] competition in which junior researchers got the opportunity to present their projects.

We participated with a poster that forced us to get a little order in the patchwork of projects we’ve been working on for the last year. To our big surprise and great excitement we won the Young Talent Award in the category Innovative Interdisciplinary Project sponsored by both the University and Technical University of Bielefeld. The past days we’ve been a little overwhelmed by this sudden recognition of our kitchen-brainstorming-sessions and concept-writing-nightshifts. Now we’re getting busy again figuring out what ideas to take on next. Please let us know if you have any suggestions! We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support!

Today’s Links from Harvard-ENS Spring School October 5, 2012

Harvard-ENS Spring School

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GuestPost: Openness in Science by Peter Weingart

We are proud to launch our Guest Post Section with this first contribution by Peter Weingart. The Professor Emeritus in Sociology of Science and former Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Studies (IWT), Bielefeld, acts as Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (ZiF), Bielefeld, and Editor-in-Chief of Minerva. He has also been very active in promoting the role of Science Studies beyond academic borders.
In his talk at the 10th International Bielefeld Conference on “Shaping Future INFO-Structures” he discusses “Openness in Science” in the context of current changes in the scholarly publishing system. From moral codes and reputational hierarchies in science to the inherent monetary necessities in the context of the production of scientific knowledge, Peter Weingart retraces the role of openness in science and the constraints that come along with this implicit ethos first formulated by Robert King Merton back in 1942.

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