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Today’s Links from Harvard-ENS Spring School May 11, 2012

Harvard-ENS Spring School

  • Canguilhem’s Archives at ENS

    Dear Friends, During the last week I had the opportunity of talking with some of you about the Canguilhem’s archives at ENS. Here you find some more information about the Caphés (Centre d’Archives de Philosophie, d’Histoire et d’Édition des Sciences; … Continue reading

  • A trend toward reductionism?

      Do you know who studied at Harvard University? The famous American actress Natalie Portman… She is very well known for her part in the new Star Wars trilogy. In fact, she appears in the saga in the very same … Continue reading

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Today’s Links May 4, 2012

Harvard-ENS Spring School

  • Homo sapiens, Worldwide

    By Margo The gallery of the “living” (as opposed to the “fossil,” in Louis Agassiz’ binary classification of organisms on Earth) mammals in the Harvard Museum of Natural History contains many skeletons.  Two of them stand out in particular, more … Continue reading

  • Peter Galison: Practices, Places and Material Culture in the History of Science

      by Silvia, Nicola, and Elisabetta   The second conference planned for the afternoon session was held by Peter Galison, who outlined an overview of the project in which he is currently involved, that is “a material history of the … Continue reading

  • Natural History Museum

    by Silvia, Nicola, and Elisabetta Introduction Wednesday morning was devoted to the visit of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, one of three natural history museums whose public face is the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Janet Browne guided us throughout … Continue reading

  • Fashionable Science

    Look at this magnificent Air Pump, attributed to the famous Abbé Nollet, and built around 1745 – presented in the Harvard Museum of Scientific Instruments: Doesn’t it look familiar to you? Well, maybe not in fact, you might have designed … Continue reading

  • Aye-Aye (Harvard Student Commentary)

    J’aime l’Aye-aye! I also think that The Aye-Aye and I is a great book! If anyone is looking for some pleasurable reading, I recommend you get it.   What was your favorite animal from the museum??   *** I have … Continue reading

  • Historical instruments and the biotech controversy

    by Alessandro & Claudia Harvard’s Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments Harvard University collects scientific instruments since 1672, but it is in 1948 that the present Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments has been established by David P. Wheatland. Today it contains … Continue reading

  • Paul Tillich Lecture

    In the evening, inside the Memorial Church, there has been a lecture in memory of Paulus Tillich, professor at Harvard University. Tillich, born in Germany in 1886, was one of the most prominent Protestant theologians and existentialist philosophers of the … Continue reading

  • Monday : History of medicine in Boston

    This day was mainly dedicated to history and philosophy of medicine. Three important themes emerged : 1)      Architecture as a source for history of medical practices 2)      The use of bio-medical innovations to build the self-representation of an american medicine 3)      … Continue reading

  • Salem

      Upon our arrival in Salem, we first had the opportunity to have a great italo-american brunch. Professor Harrington then led us to the harbor, where she explained us the interest of the excursion. Although Salem got its name from … Continue reading

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Today’s Links April 27, 2012

Harvard-ENS Spring School

  • Intro

    Good Morning everybody! My name is Claudia Göbel, I’m in the final stages of my Master in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science at Bielefeld University. In my year at ENS in Paris I had the opportunity of getting involved … Continue reading

  • introduction

    Hello everybody ! I’m Alessandro Bongioanni, I come from Torino, Italy, and I’m currently a third-year ENS student. The range of my interests is perhaps too broad, and covers a large part of the Sciences and Humanities, but at present I’m … Continue reading

  • Hello!

    Dear Friends, I still cannot help calling our common school the “Winter School,” but as you will see in the next few hours as you land in Boston, we are in the midst of a blossoming spring and each tree … Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hello everybody, My name is Maxence Gaillard, but the former participants of this school may remember me as Max… I graduated in philosophy at the ENS in Paris, but I’m now a young PhD student in the ENS in Lyon … Continue reading

  • introduction

    My name is Yukie SHIMIZU. I am in my third year at Dotoral School of the ENS ( ECOLE TRANSDISCIPLINAIRE “LETTRES/SCIENCES”), and PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, Japan. I am in the course of … Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone, my name is Nicola Bertoldi and I am currently enrolled in the philosophy department at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, on a scholarship scheme for foreign students (“Sélection Internationale”). After having written a dissertation on the epistemological and philosophical … Continue reading

  • CaphéliENS: database on history and philosophy of sciences

    Dear friends, I permit myself to draw your attention to a database on history and philosophy of sciences recently created by the library staff of the Caphés (USR 3308-CIRPHLES, CNRS-Ecole Normale Supérieure): If you have any comments or suggestions … Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone, Welcome to rainy Boston! I am a 5th-year PhD student, and this will be my first time participating in the Harvard-ENS exchange programme. Hailing from Britain, researching in India and residing in South Boston, I am often “just … Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone, my name is Robin. I am a student at the philosophy department at Ecole Normale Supérieure and I am writing a dissertation on how photography has been shaping our being-in-the-world for my master in contemporary philosophy at the … Continue reading

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Today’s Links April 20, 2012

Harvard-ENS Spring School

  • profile and research interests

    Hi everybody, I am doing my PHD in history and philosophy of science at the philosophy department in Bielefeld. Before, I was part of a German/French master program on science studies of the ENS and Bielefeld University which gave me … Continue reading

  • Bonjour à tout le monde !

    Bonjour à tout le monde ! My name is Elisabetta Basso. Let me say first how lucky and honored I feel to have this great opportunity to take part in this research exchange between our two universities. The program of … Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hi everybody ! My name is Jim, I’m in my third year in the philosophy department at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and I’m pleased and honored to once again participate in this research exchange. I don’t know if many students who … Continue reading

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