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INSIST Netzwerk für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung

INSIST-Eule-schwarzDie What About Science Idee geht weiter, im Moment aber an anderer Stelle:

INSIST (Interdisciplinary Network for Studies Investigating Science and Technology / Interdisziplinäres Nachw
uchsnetzwerk für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung) ist eine disziplin- und standortübergreifende Initiative des Nachwuchses in Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung. Wir richten uns an Studierende, AbsolventInnen und NachwuchswissenschaftlerInnen, die sich für Fragen der Geschichte, Philosophie und Soziologie der Wissenschaft und Technik und angrenzende Felder interessieren und nach Möglichkeiten des thematischen wie auch informellen Austauschs. Mehr unter:

The Future of Science Studies in Germany

Scientist in Germany reclaiming that there is a serious gap in research of science, especially from the viewpoint of the social sciences. Recently institutes are shut down, e.g. the IWT in Bielefeld, but with respect to the signees of the Memorandum there is a big need of science studies, on the one hand to enable the policy makers in the domain of education and research to build better tools of management and regulation. On the other hand to reach better and differentiated knowledge of science in a total view. Mainly because science is going to be more and more international and the national institutions need a overview to deal with the issues related to that development.

Knowledge can be beautiful & accessible: Wikipedia Redefined

I’m interested in design and knowledge. And yes, I am a Wikipedia user even for scientific research and even if this technique is not established in the German research environment. And that’s why I’m writing this article. Look what i found today: Wikipedia Redefined is a project by New! and they show us  in a very impressive way how the Wikipedia could look like if it were improved by designers. They show us what you can do, if you use only simple design-elements, colors, fonts and  how you can improve the user experience by using simple and powerful tools that are almost already included in Wikipedia.

We all could be a part of it by discussing the ideas with they guys from New! For all of you out there just one question: Didn’t you think of new designed Wikipedia at least one time while using Wikipedia? I did! So here could be the solution…

Short Update: 

By the Way: Google is working on a transition from a search engine to a knowledge engine mostly by visualizing connections between search results, gathering not only Wikipedias entries to do so. FYI

Where are we going?

A road to...?

We are starting the new semester with our second COURSE at Bielefeld University and exploring what science and art can learn from each other at an ART FESTIVAL in June. We also want to focus this BLOG more generally on science studies, write/twitter/tag more and make it a more LIVELY PLACE of exchange and discussion.
So many plans! Read more and get involved! Read on…

Video – Science and the Web 2.0

We have been focusing on scientific communication, social structure and knowledge production.

  • Does the web’s influence on science enough to talk about change in general?
  • Or is it impossible to go beyond the context of local practices?
  • Where could those changes be observed?
  • Are there any other categories that should be taken into account?


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