Privacy Policy

Like most websites, WhatAboutScience collects non-personally-identifiable data, like type of browser, language settings or date and time of visit, from its users. All these data are only collected for statistical purposes.
For this WhatAboutScience also uses so called “cookies”. The saving of these cookies can be stopped by the user through the settings of most browsers.

WhatAboutScience also collects personally-identifiable data, such as IP-address used to comment. Additionally personal informations are required to register at the website, such as a valid email-address and first and last name.

WhatAboutScience protects all personal information and will under no circumstances make it accessible to third parties, except it is legally bound, e.g. in relation to criminal proceedings.

WhatAboutScience only uses the gathered personal data, especially the email-address, to communicate with and inform its users. At no point will WhatAboutScience use the personal information of its users for advertisement or any other purposes and/or make them accessible to third parties.

WhatAboutScience also uses the Akismet-Plugin of the Automattic Inc., 60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, CA 94110-4929, USA. This plugin helps us to identify spam-comments. For this all comment-data is send to a server in the US where they are analyzed and can be saved. This data includes the entered name, the IP-address, the content of the comment, the referrer, browser-type and time of comment.
By not using our comment-system you can avoid this altogether. That would be a pity, but for the moment we don’t have any other viable option. You can object to the future use at, Re:”Deletion of Data stored by Akismet” stating/describing the collected data.

For more information about privacy policy please read the information on the Disclaimer and the Terms of Use for WhatAboutScience in the impressum:

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