What about us?

>> We are fascinated by science.

From the heights of truth and consciousness over the plains of history and society, engaging with models, experiments, bodies, values, gender and organisation, oscillating between realism and relativism, we attempt to trace the magic behind modernity’s crown jewels: reason, proof and progress.

We are part of a world, in which wisdom sits within the crowd, data become abundant and easily accessible for everyone, computational capacity is growing exponentially and the Internet offers a worldwide public and social space shaped by a plurality of tools, networks and exchanges that invites to participate. In this context one question keeps us up all night:

What about science?

If one looks at science as a conglomerate of people and organisations, action and communication, objects and ideas that is shaped by its location, its history and its relations to other parts of society, web 2.0 does make a difference. It influences each and every one of them.
Does it also facilitate a science 2.0? How would this look like? Which phenomena and trends do we observe? What consequences are looming on the horizon? And how can we, as scientists, benefit from these developments and shape them in a positive way?

We are students of History, Sociology and Philosophy of Science at Bielefeld University. We’ve created this group blog as a forum for science 2.0 and science studies in genereal, we’re teaching some explorative and hands-on courses at the University of Bielefeld and we’re looking forward to many more projects in this realm.

What about you?

Your comments and questions are highly appreciated! Join us in forum discussions, via email, Skype or face-to-face @ University of Bielefeld. For contact information, see the website credits.